Water resource management involves the activity of planning, developing ,distributing and managing the optimum use of water resources. Clearly, this involves a great deal of background planing and investments in personnel and equipment such as pumps and valves. These systems may be simple or highly complex integrated types. Equipments used may be casted, forged or welded. Our team have gone the extra mile of understanding the basics of the processes involved, have been heavily involved in inspection at every stage and we have a clear understanding and are able to inspect, analyse and evaluate any type of these materials or equipment. We know how to differentiate a change in grain structures of castings from actual indications using volumetric and other methods.

The following inspection method have been helpful:

Conventional Ultrasonic Testing

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing

Liquid Penetrant Tesnting


Certified Visual Weld Inspection

Coating Inspection