Welcome To BMX Integrity LLC.

BMX Integrity LLC. is a growing asset protection company. Our focus is to consistently deliver evident quality services in a safe manner. As a family owned inspection company with no significant overhead running cost, we are able to offer cost effective services without compromising on quality and safety.

Assets are not built to last forever, they are designed to withstand only a limited amount of wear and tear. This is where our services and expertise can support you and your company in deciding weather your investments are fit to be put in service or to remain in service. We support you with extensive inspection services, collect comprehensive data, analyze the data, complete our evaluation and report back to help you make informed decisions on the next line of action about your assets, weather its leaving them in service, making repairs or pursuing outright replacement. At BMX Integrity, we understand the need to keep your investment running, that is why we will work with you and for you to help avoid or lessen the incidence of preventable shutdowns or downtimes.

We have experienced certified level II and level III technicians for Nondestructive Testing and offer services inĀ  methods such as Visual Inspection, Ultrasonic Testing (UT)- Both manual and automated UT, Phased Array UT, Magnetic Particle Inspection(MPI), Liquid Penetrant Inspection(PT) and have capabilities to support Radiography Testing through our affiliates. We also have experienced American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI), American Petroleum Institute – Inspectors (API 570, 510, 653) and NACE-CIP Inspectors. Our services further include hardness testing and Positive Material Identification(PMI), Data Collection and Training Services.

We offer routine and seasonal inspection services. We have learned from experience that by periodically and routinely carrying out inspections, analyzing the inspection reports and carrying out evaluations diligently help to avert costly shutdowns, reduce or prevent accidents and ultimately lessen avoidable maintenance cost. We believe our services at BMX Integrity, will help you achieve all the aforementioned.

We have relationships with Professional Engineers and Highly experienced technicians in the industry and are consistently evolving based on advice and recommendations they offer.


Industries We Serve.

Oil and Gas

Water Resources and Hydrology

Chemical Plants

Fabrication facilities

Structural and Construction

Power Generation

Paper Mill

Wind and Solar

All Piping and Pipeline related